Philosophy of Leadership                           

Leadership means moving followers to maximum achievement. It’s impossible to be an effective leader unless followers are moving in the positive direction you set. Leadership is connecting with followers in such a way that they take on a vision or desired outcome as their own because they understand what it will do for them personally and professionally.

Leadership is not just a one-time proposition. Rather, it is continually selling the desired outcome and what it will do for followers individually and collectively. A leader also sells followers on their abilities to achieve through all the obstacles; on the value of the reward as being well worth the required effort; and on the leader’s own ability to help them achieve.

People want to be a part of something great. They need to know their work counts for something.  Opportunities to satisfy personal and professional needs within work related activities are not always apparent to followers. A leader needs to know what drivers move followers and sell them on the possibilities.

Leadership is not just for the most exalted positions on the organizational chart. Anyone aspiring to be a leader should incorporate the wisdom imparted in our books, training and coaching.

Leadership and management require different skills sets and have different purposes and results. To be effective, supervisors at all levels of an organization should employ both leadership and management skills.  The trick is to  know where and when to use each for maximum affect.

Tell a person to do something because it’s their job and they may do just enough to get by.  Sell people on what’s in it for them and they will take leaders further than they thought possible.

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We train and coach supervisors on all levels to know when to lead, when to manage and how to be more proficient at both.

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